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ITW Filtration Products is is an OEM industrial filter manufacturer, manufacturing OEM filters, OEM oil filters, and OEM air filters by custom plastic injection molding
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ITW Filtration Products is a worldwide leader in OEM industrial filter manufacturing of custom plastic injection molded filtration components.

Automotive Filtration Products

Our OEM automotive filters provide mirco-filtration for systems ranging from OEM fuel filters, OEM transmissions filters, OEM braking system filters, OEM air conditioning filters, Vent Filters, and other hydraulic fluids.

OEM Automotive Filters and OEM Fuel Filters

Medical Filtration Products

Our medical filters include clean room manufacturing for filtration and oleophobic venting, as well as intravenous check valves.

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Industrial Filtration Products

Our industrial filter components range from complex water irrigation systems to multifunctional smoke detector screens.

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Industrial Filters and OEM Industrial Filters

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